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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Combat Mom Stress

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I recently fell in love with Brittney ,the author from The Honest Mom. I found myself scrolling through her blog and laughing out loud at her humor and love in each post.  She doesn't hide the truth from her glamorous life of motherhood. Brittney describes herself as, "Just a mom trying to navigate my way through the beauty and reality of Motherhood." but let's be real... this mom is far more than that. Her humor and personality make you want to be her friend and she is constantly finding ways to help us all. 

Mom stress is real, raw and something that you just can't avoid. Find her advice for combating that nagging mom stress and how to make the most out of motherhood!

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Mom stress is THE WORST. 

Imagine normal everyday stress. Sweating, slight panic, racing thoughts, that heavy feeling on your chest...Multiply that times 2 or 3 and you've got Mom stress. 

Mom stress is worrying about messing your kids up. Trying to make sure your children have everything they could possibly need at any given time. It is making sure meals get served and car pools are arranged. It is keeping the household running and making sure butts are wiped and baths are taken. 

To say the least, Mom stress is intense.

And while we all somehow find a way to carry on and cope, I've got some sure fire ways to combat Mom stress.

1. Channel Your Energy

Find something positive to channel all that nervous energy into! Start an art project, play with your kids, do a home improvement project. I love focusing my nervous energy into home improvement projects. It turns all my gross and negative energy into a positive feeling of accomplishment! 

"For a little while it makes me feel like I actually have my life together for a change... I totally don't, but it's nice to feel that way for a brief moment!"

2. Find a Hobby

Find something that you want to do solely for you. Pick something that is meaningful to you. Something separate from your family, work, and kids. Choose something that makes you feel like your own person again and not just a Mom. I love crafting! I enjoy taking time to separate myself from my role as a Mom and create something fun. A hobby can be anything that brings you joy and happiness. It should be something that relaxes you!


3. Take a Time Out

Sometimes we just need a break! We need to completely unplug and take some time to regroup. Go to a store alone, take a long drive on your own, take a hot bath (try to ignore the little fingers under the door!). When things get a little stressful, it's best to disconnect from the situation and take a breather. 

4. Ask for Support

Don't be afraid to send out an S.O.S! Ask for help! Ask your spouse to do a few extra things around the house. Have your older kids do chores. Ask your Mom to come babysit so you can get some errands done without the kids. Call your Mom pals to vent. We all could use a little extra assistance sometimes!

"Don't think that because you're a Mom, you can't ask for help."

5. Check Yourself

When the pressures of every day Mom life are weighing on you, check yourself. Remember that you are human and can only do so much. Remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can. Put everything into perspective. If your family is happy and healthy, you're already doing better than you think. Anything above and beyond that is a bonus! As Moms we often think we have to be everything for everyone at every minute of the day. All we have to be is ourselves. Our kids will love us either way!

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There you have it. Don't be a hot mess, handle your Mom stress!

mom stress, 5 ways to combat mom stress, how to deal with stress, stressful parenting, mom stress quotes, mom stress humor, mom stress funny, mom stress meme

Looking for more? You can find Brittney at The Honest Mom

The Honest Mom by Brittney
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