Welcome to This Mom Life by Rosie!

I am so thankful that you are visiting my page and decided to take a look! A few things about me: 

Why did I decide to take the plunge into writing a blog?

I’m a “retired” teacher and a mom to two wonderful little humans, Austin and Charlotte. Yes your typical mom blog except along with this mom blog you get to learn about our adventures, DIYs and favorites!

Why did I start a blog?

When I was thinking about why I wanted to start a blog and what my goals were, there was one thing that was super consistent and that was to learn. I love to learn, I love to discover and I love to teach myself things that I didn’t think I could do. Being a teacher is so deep in my roots. I grew up knowing I wanted to teach and that I wanted to inspire other young people. I still crave organizing lessons and ideas for students. Since I no longer implement those skills in the classroom, I find myself constantly re-arranging my daily life and now think of my life at home as my new classroom.

This brings me to the second reason I wanted to start a blog. I LOVE to organize, Love is an understatement. I am borderline crazy about organizing. My parents thought I was crazy growing up because every morning my bed would be made and everything was put away perfectly. I am the type that re-writes notes 1,000 times until they look just right. I crave order within chaos. Don’t get me wrong, I have never stopped my kids from making a mess, but I am not the type of person that can let the tornado of life roll through my living room everyday without ever putting things back together.

I am constantly looking for new ways to store things. Each thing in my house has a home and a reason for being there. I have started to dabble with the thought of becoming a minimalist, but not to the extreme of living in a tiny house. I often times find myself admiring minimalist lifestyles, but I also realize that extreme minimalism is not in the cards for my family and I right now.

By starting this blog, I hope to make more sense of my own chaos at home. My hope for you as the reader is to find something, no matter how small that helps you at home or in life in general, or to re-assure you that what you are going through as a mom is 100% normal.

What will be included in This Mom Life?

The reason I write is to escape. Escape the chaos that life throws at me and to organize all my ideas, thoughts, and the things I have learned along the way. I write to become more accepting and more aware of who I am. I write to let go of the fear that comes with exposing your true self. I promise you will get a glimpse of this throughout my posts. I want to show you the raw truthful side of becoming a mom and most importantly I want to share with you the beautiful life that I am so lucky to be a part of.  This blog is a story of the easygoing wonderful life of motherhood, DIYs, adventures, becoming a minimalist and everything in between.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something that inspires you!