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    5 Ways to Practice Self Love

    In the spirit of Valentine's Day, what better way to celebrate than to show yourself some love!  I often find myself frazzled and at the end of my rope, before I realize I need some time to myself. I love every minute with my kids but we all get to THAT point. This next month, my Birthday month, I have promised to find time each day for a little self love.  

    When you are just having one of those days cancel plans, put on your favorite comfies and indulge.  Or maybe you're like me and one day, once in awhile isn't enough. Here are some big and little ways you can practice self love.  

    • Try something new by yourself- If you follow my posts you know I have loved jumping from one fitness class to the next. I LOVE trying new things and meeting new people. This is something I try to do at least once a month. Check out my posts on Zumba, Soul Cycle and Stroller Strides. Whether it's a class or a day alone on the beach, do something alone that you have never done alone before.  
    • Morning Routine - Wake up before everyone and give yourself 30 minutes to drink your coffee in peace. Read a book or just day dream, whatever you choose to do with your time, make sure that it is your moment to wake up and get ready for the day.  
    • Be Active -Walk, hike, run- these are a few of my favorite things. I know I can' t always go alone but planning them when the kids can snooze in the stroller sure makes it feel like I am alone. The times that I do get a moment to go alone on a walk, I stretch it out, listening to all the sounds and really just try to practice being in the moment.  
    • Meditate/Yoga - There are so many short videos on mediations online, taking 5-10minutes before you hit the sheets helps create a more peaceful sleep environment.  Not only is it great for better sleep, but it also gives me time to think about gratitude for myself and for those constantly in our lives.  
    • Pamper & Indulge - I was never a fan of the spa until I had kids. Since having kids I would give anything to visit the spa and when I go, I go big. I usually get one service, such as a massage but I arrive super early and I'll soak in the hot tub or lay by the pool for a good 1-2 hours before, then I'll follow up with time to get ready and do my make up.  There is something so calming about getting ready alone and not being rushed. Maybe going to the spa isn't your thing but try to take time to indulge in your favorites. 

    How do you show yourself self love? Let me know in the comments! 

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    Date Night

    This year as my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary I couldn’t help but reminisce on what a wonderful 4 years it was. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we always made a point to celebrate love, life and each other.

    I got pregnant with Austin after only a couple months of being married so we jumped right into becoming a family. For us it was natural, we had been together for 8 years before and we both knew what we wanted. I was eager to become a mom and he a father. We wanted to share all the love we had with someone else. Austin came first and then Charlotte two years later. Despite the craziness that bringing two new little munchkins into the world brings we have always been super good at taking the time to be with each other.  We have always been excited to share each others life with one another. 

    I love that he surprises me with random date nights or tickets to our favorite bands. He constantly tries to spoil me and show me what I am worth to him and that means the world.  Relationships are work, love is work and marriage is work. So I thought what a wonderful time to make a list of our all time favorite date nights. The things that I want to continue to do until we are old and gray. 

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      I have always been a country fan. I am from a tiny town and my first concert was with my dad to see Dwight Yoakam at the county fair. Eric started liking country in college and is now a super fan. We always have good time - dancing, singing and drinking a beer.

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      Backyard Dates

      A few months after I had Austin I had a breakdown and lost my mind for a quick second. Eric being the supportive, loving husband he is, surprised me with candles, beer and ice cream in the backyard. Hands down one of my favorite date nights. It didn’t require us to find a sitter or leave the house & it took very little planning.

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      Are you seeing a trend yet? We both like beer and love trying new ones. A couple weeks ago we went to this adorable brewery called HumbleSea Brewery and walked to a restaurant afterwards. It was such relaxing, fun date.

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      Wine Tasting

      We aren’t super into wine but we love wine tasting. It gives us a change to try new things and not have to commit to a whole bottle. We recently went to Carmel Vally and found new little spot called Folktale Winery. 

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      Fancy Restaurant

      How often do you get to try a new fancy restaurant now that your married? It’s a rare luxury that happens maybe once a year. 

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      Mini Vacation

      A night away is so much fun! We like to go a couple hours away and stay a night. We love Calistoga! Everything is in walking distance and they have the best hot springs.

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      We have yet to go on a camping trip without our kids but it is on our immediate to do list! How much fun would it be to NOT have to chase little humans all over or share our tiny little rooftop tent. 

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      Sports Games

      Honestly I am not crazy into sports but there is something about joining a crowd that is so much fun! The excitement and cheering, the eating and laughing, just being in the moment and enjoying the fun happening all around. 

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      This sounds so boring but my husband LOVES to workout and sometimes I like to join him. He motivates me and challenges me, which is great for our marriage. It’s fun to join him on things he loves to do, as he often joins me on my  crazy adventures. 

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      If you haven’t learned from my previous posts, we love the beach. We used to spend a lot of time there before kids. Now when we go we are chasing them and playing. It’s fun to pack a picnic and head to the beach just the two of us.

    We are always looking for new date night ideas! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.

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    Fit4Mom Stroller Strides

    Santa Cruz County is rich in activities for kids and parents. It’s a very welcoming place to be for a new mom! 

     When we moved here I didn’t know a single person besides my husband and his work friends and after having my first baby I felt a little isolated. I decided to reach out to the “Mommy Community” on social media and see what was out there. I discovered the wonderful company, Stroller Strides Fit 4 Mom . The first workout I did after having Austin was with them at a local park. They customize the workouts to fit each individual mom, whether you are a few months postpartum or a couple years. The workouts always starts with a quick discussion and continues on to a mix of different workouts to work out each body part. Did I mention that your kids can sit in the stroller and eat/play and be involved. During the workout the instructor leads fun songs and rhymes to keep them entertained and happy! 

    Most workouts end with a chance for all the toddlers and babies to play or with a scheduled toddler activity. I always leave the class feeling like I got a good workout and my kids had fun at the same time. 

    The saying is true that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Stroller strides is a tribe that I love to be a part of! Most are run by local moms and there are so many wonderful places that have these groups!

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    Soul Cycle

    You're worth it

    It was my time. I am big on self love and time for yourself but recently it has been hard to come by.  I have an incredibly supportive husband, but my little one is so far from being independent (a story for another day). So tonight was my time. Luckily with the encouragement of my good friend, I signed up for a Soul Cycle class. Everything that could go wrong did. Class got canceled and I had to switch times, the kids' colds took a turn for the worse, Austin screamed, cried and clung to me and begged me not to leave. Thankfully my husband shoved me out the door and sent me on my way.

    Today I gave into the hype and I tried my hand at Soul Cycle in Los Gatos. Scared to death I walked in and forced myself to be the social person I am so far from being. Having never set foot on a bicycle in years, I was quite intimidated by how fancy everything was in the studio. Thankfully they killed the lights or I would have ran out of that that seat the minute they cranked the music. 

    The instructor was sweet and so positive, but in my head I kept saying he has to be that way. The music flowed and we bounced in our seats, sweat dripping from every single part of my body, pouring out. I kept going. There was no stopping. Then the overly enthusiastic instructor said 3 words that stuck with me. "You're worth it". That sent me cycling towards the mirror like I was shot out of a cannon. Throwing the weights out, as I punched one, two, one two. After I stepped off the bike, I was drenched in sweat, proud of myself and most of all eager for more. I learned more about myself during that one class than I ever imagined. 

    I am worth it. I am worth it. I kept saying it over and over. I put my babies first, my husband first, the whole world first. But you know what. It was my time. 

    My husband and I have been encouraging each other to stop being who we have to be and start being who we want to be. We have both stumbled into new adventures that are so similar to one another but both so far from where we started. He is pushing forward and succeeding. I am his super fan as he is mine. 

    Tonight when I walked through the door of tired tears and bed time, I remembered one thing/ I am worth it. They need me, I need me.

    So I am here to tell you, whether you know it no not- you are freaking worth it. Go kick some ass. Change the world, change yourself, be whoever you want to be and give yourself some love!

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    Mama goes to Zumba

    Welcome to 30! This year is about new experiences and today I tried Zumba! What a surprise. I honestly was walking in looking for all the older ladies to dance a little then sneak out. To my surprise the majority of the class was my age. The steps were hard and I am the most uncoordinated person ever so keeping up with everyone was a challenge all in itself. In the middle of class I started to tire out and really break down. I thought about sneaking out (for a different reason then before) but I stuck with it.

    I am so glad I did! In the end we really got to the all over body workout. Arms, legs, booty and lots & lots of shaking. What a fun experience and something I look forward to again! See you next week Zumba 😉