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    Holiday Crafts

    We love to craft! And this Christmas is a little more exciting because Austin is finally old enough to craft with me! Not to mention Charlotte loves to make a mess. 

    Our favorite crafts are ones that are simple and require very few supplies. With two toddlers, I look for crafts that allow the kids to be creative and not restricted to specific instructions or guidelines. I decided to share a couple that we loved and at the bottom I included a round up. Happy Crafting 🙂

    Santa Handprint Ornaments

    Paper, red paint, white paint, black pen (or paint) and a cute little hand!

     1. Paint toddler’s hand- Paint the thumb and palm red for Santa's hat. Paint the rest of the hand white. 

    2. Stamp hand on paper.

    3. Add details! I added two little eyes and a red nose. 

    4. Cut your ideal size for an ornament and add yarn to hang! 

    So easy, so fun, and after I got their perfect little handprints they got to finger-paint! 

    Christmas Tree Frames

    Popsicles sticks, paint, glitter glue, hot glue, pasta wheels or other knick knacks for ornaments

    1. Paint popsicles sticks. We cheated and bought color popsicles sticks! 

    2. PARENT- hot glue sticks in triangle to represent tree. You may add sticks across or leave empty like we did. 

    3. Decorate! We used glitter glue, pasta wheels and glitter pipe cleaners. Other great items - beads, cereal, puff balls.

    4. Hot glue picture and add pipe cleaner to hang. 

    We had so much fun making these simple ornament gifts.  It helped to have a tray out to hold the mess and glue!

    For other wonderful Toddler approved Christmas Crafts check out my round up list below: 

    This one may have to wait till next Christmas, but it was too good not to share. It’s so fun and it’s not in a box. I see lots of cookie cutter Gingerbread houses these days, but for this one the kids get to be super creative.

    The perfect craft for toddlers! My kids are obsessed with stickers. All you need for these construction trees are paper and stickers.

    These are beautiful! Snowy pinecone garlands that bring a rustic feel to any room.

    Check out these DIY Mugs. My sweet sister in law made something similar to these for the all of us a few years ago and we still use them. They are so simple and gorgeous. The secret is to bake them to keep the decor.

    This is a mom adventure craft! I love this Anthropology - inspired garland and can’t wait to make it one of these nights.

    A round up of 7 personalized ornaments. I love these for my son’s teachers and our friends!

    Toddler craft that can be made with your kitchen utensils! Austin loved stamping the spatula and Charlotte had fun decorating.

    I love wreathes! This rustic wreath made by Little Mama Jama gets you into the Christmas mood and needs very little supplies.

    I fell in love with these simple wreaths the minute I saw them. Any project that the kids get to paint and decorate are our favorite.

    A collection of sweet little handprint crafts! I especially love the reindeer platter. The perfect piece to save for every Christmas to come.

    What’s your favorite Holiday craft? Let me know in the comments below! 

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    December Bucket List

    With the holidays right around on the corner I have decided to come up with my ultimate Holiday bucket list. This has helped me keep my promise to myself and my family to spend more time together and go on more adventures. We are usually rushing from place to place, getting gifts ready and running errands, but not this year. This year I want my focus to be on our family and ways we can spend more time together.  We hope to check each one of these off before the end of December. 

    • Tree Hunting

      This one was done in November! I randomly took Austin to the most precious tree lot and we had the best time running in and out of the trees. But come December we are going to cut down our own tree! A tradition that was destined to start. My husband is a city boy but loves everything about the country. If this doesn't’ scream country I'm not sure what does. 

    • Give Back

      This has been at the top of a couple of my lists. Why? Because it’s so close to my heart. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but showing compassion and love to the world is one way we can make it a better place to live. It’s difficult for my kids to give back at their age but a few ways we are this Holiday season is by donating things we no longer need. Austin has shown interest in getting his dad and grandparents gifts so I am taking him shopping at our local church. The money raised there goes to local families in need. 

    • Tree lighting ceremony

      There is something so magical about going to a tree lighting. Something we did in my small town growing up. There are so many in our area and I am making a point to take the kids to a few. There is also a parade of lights in our local park and we have loved making it a yearly tradition. 

    • Hallmark movies

      Clearly this ones for me! The same movie goes the same way - small town girl trying to figure out her life, falls in love with the guy, ends up getting married. They are just so addicting and it immediately feels like Christmas when they come on! 

    • Holiday Train

      The best thing about living in the bay area is that there are so many wonderful family events. There is a Polar Express train here that you get to meet Santa on. They serve hot cider and snow falls outside the windows. It is so unbelievably magical and special for the kids! It has become a tradition we do with our cousins.

    • Crafts

      We love crafting! Most of the time my kids make a mess instead, but I love turning their messes into little masterpieces. We have so many favorites that we love to do during the holiday seasons. I love to make special gifts for family.  Making gingerbread houses is high up on our list! 

    • Cookie Bake Off

      This is all Austin and me! Our hearts are made out of cookies. Sometimes I feel bad for giving him my insane sweet tooth, but now I have someone to share all the joys in life with! We love baking together (or I love it and he loves sampling).

    • Enjoy the COLD outdoors

      Build a snowman, go ice skating, get crazy with puddle jumping. Whatever it may be (or the weather may give us), I want the kids to enjoy what every season has to offer. It’s cold and yes I would rather be inside eating my cookies, but we need the outdoors. This year we are heading to the snow for Christmas so I am excited to share all the experiences I had growing up with my kids! 

    • Letter to Santa

      We did this every year as a family and it was a tradition I want my kids to continue. I feel like there are so many ways you can incorporate a kind heart into your letters. Austin has already been asking for some toys and I don’t think he needs everything he asks for nor do I want to raise him that way. For our letters we will be focusing on asking Santa to bring peace to whatever it is in their hearts. I know this will be hard as they are younger, but I think it would be great to start now. I want them to really think about what they want and why they want it. My goal is to incorporate some learning lessons into these letters.

    My bucket list will grow, just like our family is growing. These are simple December must do’s but the most important part about them is they encourage us to spend time together. After all, that’s what the Holidays are about, being with and appreciating your loved ones. 

    Whats  on your December Bucket List this year?

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    DIY Fall Wreath

    Happy Fall!! The windy weather reminded me of all the fun crafts I started to do last year. I have been dying to make a rustic Fall Wreath. I always seem to start these projects but never have time to finish them. I made sure to find supplies that would make the job a little easier with two toddlers running around. There are very few supplies you need to make this super simple DIY wreath! 

    STEP ONE: I started with a green wire frame and twig garland. I wrapped the garland around the frame and used thick twine to tie it to the frame. The twine was a lot easier then using wire, as it matched the frame colors and was easy to trim. 

    STEP TWO: Trim ties and add in your decorative straw. I tied mine off at an angle and trimmed the straw.  Decorate with your premade Fall bouquets! Cut out your favorites and mix them in. 

    STEP THREE: I finished mine off with a burlap bow. A good tutorial can be found here

    I love the rustic look of this wreath and I especially love that it works from early fall all the way to Thanksgiving! Happy Crafting!