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    38 Must Have Summer Dresses

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    Okay I went a little overboard with this one! I started looking for a couple dresses to get me through the next few months of summer. Dresses are an essential part of my minimalist wardrobe. One piece of clothing that you can dress up or down with a few accessories? YES PLEASE! 

    Here are my top favorites that can take you from a day at the beach to the perfect wedding guest look (okay not all of them are versatile but you get the point!).  

    Scroll down to see the 38 dresses that I fell in love with! I am only buying two but a girl can dream right?! If you see any you love, click on the link and it will take you directly to where you can purchase it.  Happy Shopping! 

    Which summer dress was your favorite? Share your summer wardrobe staple in the comments below <3 

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    Valentines For the Minimalist

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    Candy, stuffed animals and roses, are just a few of the classic Valentine gifts. But let’s be real, are those gifts that we really need or will even use?  I love Valentine's day, mostly because my first date with my husband was 10 years ago on Valentine's day. Every year we still try to outdo one another and surprise each other with something. This year I decided to throw together a list of our favorite gifts over the years and why we love them. They aren’t all romantic, but they are the type of gifts that keep on giving throughout the year and some that just make us feel special! 

    Vitamix We love our Vitamix and get endless amounts of use out of it.  It starts in the morning when my husband blends up his coffee, protein powder and cream to make the perfect cup of joe. We use it throughout the day to make protein shakes, smoothies, popsicles mixes, sauces. The list literally goes on and on. In my opinion this is the gift that just keeps on giving. You can find our favorite here

    Coffee Maker My husband and his many coffee makers. The minimalist in me is cringing because he owns around 3-5 but this is what makes us happy. My husband and I like to think of ourselves as coffee connoisseurs. I dream of having a lovely little coffee machine that will make mornings, afternoons, pick me ups sooo much easier. (hint*hint*) My husband on the other hand enjoys spending time on his cup and making each one special.

    Griddle Starting to see a theme here? We love making pancakes and only recently did my husband start thinking about a griddle . I know we will have endless days of pancake mornings. So this year (shhhh don't’ tell him) he may be getting his pancake griddle

    A Class Such a wonderful gift for someone trying a new hobby! Recently my husband signed me up for a photography class and it was so incredibly sweet. He planned it for days when he could be home from work to watch the kids. I am so excited to grab my coffee, notebook and learn in peace. There are so many fun classes! Pottery, dance, workout. Trying something new is always fun and exciting. I love the idea of signing up for a class together too. That way you ensure you have at least one date night a week. 

    Membership/Subscription Along with classes, it’s fun to have a new membership somewhere. Maybe that yoga class you have been dying to try or a membership to amazon prime! Or a subscription to a curated box with treats each month! There are so many possibilities. You can sign up for a prime membership here

    Flowers This goes against what I said earlier BUT flowers make me happy. They bring me warmth and joy. So yours may not be flowers but something that brings your significant other joy. 

    Gift Cards Something you know everyone loves! It is simple, easy to get and can be used alone or with someone. My husband loves going to lunch at work and stopping for a cup of coffee so I know he will love this! 

    Get away together Plan a getaway, include all the details so they don’t have to  worry about a single part of it! Plan the babysitter, meals, activities. This one requires a little more thought but can be so incredibly sweet! 

    Romantic dinner at home-Sometimes there is nothing more special than staying home and getting cozy. Plan to have the kids to stay at grandmas! Make your favorite dinner and some yummy cocktails. 

    What are your favorite Valentines gifts? Share in the comments below! 

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    Simplified Mom #2

    “Minimalism isn’t a race, slow down and take as much time as you need”

    I was overwhelmed at the start of this journey and was wondering what part of my life I should attack next. This was a good quote for this week because it reminded me to take a step back and slow down. Becoming a minimalist isn’t something that will happen over night, over a month or even over a year. It is something I am becoming and forever changing. I decide what things I want in my life and when. 

    I didn’t intend to start here on my minimalist journey but it just happened to be what I was ready for! Like I said before, minimalism means so many different things to different people. For me it's getting rid of unnecessary things, giving more & spending less.

    Today we ran out of paper towels. My first thought was to race to the store and grab the Costco-sized bag to have for the rest of the year. Hang on. A 6 pack of paper towels is how much?! I did some quick research and discovered re-usable towels that get the job done and aren't wasteful!  I ended up settling on bamboo ones.  They had an interesting feel to them, almost like felt, but I was eager to give them a go! 

    I invited my sis, her baby and my mom over for dinner. We made dinner together like old times and ate while the kids destroyed my kitchen 😆 3 kids and a tub of Parmesan cheese means lots and lots of clean up! After we were finished I moved everyone into the living room and was determined to tackle this mess with my new "paper" towels. I started with the high chair! 

    Once the towels get wet, they soften up and feel like your average paper towel, but they are tough as can be. They made wiping down Charlotte’s high chair so easy. As you all know the high chair has nooks and crannies that make the perfect hiding place for all of the leftover food that our toddlers seem to get everywhere! I then rung one out and started on the floors. I managed to wipe the whole room down with 2 towels, one for the floor and one for the table/counter tops. I tossed them in my next load of laundry and they came out softer but just as strong as when I first opened them.   

    When I say these things are amazing I am not exaggerating! They held just enough water and were so easy to ring out. My mom and sister already had them in their Amazon cart before leaving my house! 

    So even though I didn't intend for this to be my first minimalist mission, it just sort of fell into my lap! I needed somewhere to store these towels so I started cleaning out drawers. The towel drawer, pan drawer, bag drawer. I feel like my drawer items are shrinking more and more by the day! 

    Next are re-usable sandwich bags, bees wax paper wraps and bringing my own containers when buying food!