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    Healthy Toddler Snacks + White Leaf Provisions

    Toddler favorites, toddler snacks, top 10 toddler snacks, fun toddler snacks, white leaf provisions, kid snack, baby packets, baby snacks, infant food, baby first foods, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, healthy toddler snacks, toddler snacks on the go, BPA free, biodynamic, white leaf provision baby packets, certified USDA organic, GMO free, terrecycle,

    *I want to thank White Leaf Provisions for sponsoring this post; all thoughts and photos are my own. 

    If you have a toddler then you know the struggle of keeping them full, happy and energized for the long day! Our kids like snacks that keep them on the go.  We like snacks that are healthy and easy to clean up. That's why when White Leaf Provisions reached out to partner we couldn't resist the chance! A company that values family, health and cares about the world? Whats not to love!


    They were quick to answer all of my immediate questions:

    What about the packages? Where are the fruits and vegetables from? Where can I purchase these?

    Best of all they sent us a sample so we could test them out for ourselves. We were not disappointed. My toddlers gulped down a packet before I could open the box and I was quick to finish off the last of her packet because I couldn't imagine wasting something so great!  I was impressed and couldn't wait to share White Leaf Provisions  with you.

    Toddler favorites, toddler snacks, top 10 toddler snacks, fun toddler snacks, white leaf provisions, kid snack, baby packets, baby snacks, infant food, baby first foods, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, healthy toddler snacks, toddler snacks on the go, BPA free, biodynamic, white leaf provision baby packets, certified USDA organic, GMO free, terrecycle,
    Toddler favorites, toddler snacks, top 10 toddler snacks, fun toddler snacks, white leaf provisions, kid snack, baby packets, baby snacks, infant food, baby first foods, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, healthy toddler snacks, toddler snacks on the go, BPA free, biodynamic, white leaf provision baby packets, certified USDA organic, GMO free, terrecycle,


    Convenient unhealthy foods are in every aisle at the market, they are lined up at the check out lane and most importantly they are placed directly in front of kids view.  It's much easier for our family to reach for a quick snack rather than a healthy snack. When our kids are yelling "eat eat eat" at us the pressure always causes me to think quick. But with White Leaf Provisions I am able to grab a super quick snack and KNOW that my kids are getting the nutrition they need. 

    Biodynamic Farming

    "Biodynamic farming is adamantly opposed to genetic modification organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, gardening and food processing. International biodynamic standards forbid the use of any GMOs and ingredients, including animal feeds, that would never occur in the natural world. These are the very principles upon which the evolution of all living things has been based for millions of years. A biodynamic® farm aims to produce everything on the premises, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and even feed for livestock."

    When I first heard of biodynamic farming I had no idea what it meant nor did I have a clue how important it was to the things my kids were putting in their mouth.  Thanks to White Leaf Provisions there is one less thing I need to worry about. I know that my kids are putting things in their mouth that are completely safe to eat because this company focuses on the importance of keeping their products pure! 


    Part of my minimalist journey has been finding products that aren't going to hurt the earth or my kids. I want things in my home that are functional and safe. That's why when I read about their containers  I was hooked. Their containers are BPA free and recyclable and they offer a mail-in-uprecycling program for the pouches with Terracycle.  We try our hardest to leave a smaller footprint and  because of White Leaf Provisions we are able to! 

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    Toddler favorites, toddler snacks, top 10 toddler snacks, fun toddler snacks, white leaf provisions, kid snack, baby packets, baby snacks, infant food, baby first foods, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, healthy toddler snacks, toddler snacks on the go, BPA free, biodynamic, white leaf provision baby packets, certified USDA organic, GMO free, terrecycle,

    Looking to try these wonderful products yourself? Head over to White Leaf Provisions here or find them on Amazon and while your there be sure to check out how they practice mindful living! 

    Toddler favorites, toddler snacks, top 10 toddler snacks, fun toddler snacks, white leaf provisions, kid snack, baby packets, baby snacks, infant food, baby first foods, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, healthy toddler snacks, toddler snacks on the go, BPA free, biodynamic, white leaf provision baby packets, certified USDA organic, GMO free, terrecycle,
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    12 Healthy Toddler Snacks

    toddler snacks on the go, healthy toddler snacks, snacks for kids, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, snacks for picky eaters, lunch box ideas, easy kid snacks, snacks for school, fun toddler snacks, homemade snacks, cheap snacks for kids, healthy kid snacks

    Our kids are almost 2 and 4 and I constantly feel like we are feeding a zoo. Every time I turn around Austin is telling me "my belly hungry" and Charlotte is climbing up her high chair. Our favorite healthy toddler snacks are smoothies and home made popsicles but they are impossible to bring when we are on the go.  If your like me, you constantly are running out of ideas on what to grab that is healthy and nutritious. 

    *This post contains affiliate links to keep free content flowing. 

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    We try our best to pack whole foods. When packing on the go we use our  Yum Box! It has every compartment labeled so I remember to balance nutrition! It is also fun for them to eat out of.  You can purchase the Yum Box here 

    12 Healthy Toddler Snacks 

    1. Dried fruit

    Specifically dried bananas. They taste like little pieces of candy and my kids gobble them down by the handfuls. 

    This is one of my favorite snacks to occupy my kids. They are determined to peel them alone and it takes them at least 5 minutes. Mini mom break anyone?? 

    3. Veggie Straws

    We are currently really loving these veggie straws. They're crunchy, semi healthy and easy for on the go.  *FUN TIP*  Make veggie straw necklaces and bracelets. 

    We love that they make these bars in kid sizes. They are healthy, yummy and most importantly you can get them on Amazon, you can find our favorite ones here

    5. Protein Balls

    We love to make protein balls! You can find our latest recipe for pumpkin protein balls on the blog.

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    6. Boiled eggs

    Fun for a toddler to peel and easy for a baby to eat. Mom loves these for a quick snack too!  Looking for a quick way to boil eggs? We throw ours in the instant pot and set it to MANUAL 6 minutes.

    These are Austin's favorite! They're sweet and just the right amount of crunchy.  Perfect bars contain over 20 organic superfoods and high quality whole food protein .  We pack these bars on all our adventures to keep us fueled.  There are 13 delicious flavors to choose from in two different size bars.  You can find Perfect bars here

    8. Fruit & veggies strips

    We love Veggie- Go's. I’m tempted to make my own!! Let me know if you have a good recipe. 

    9. Pouches

    Let’s talk about pouches. Austin has phased out of loving them and Charlotte sorta likes them. I keep them on hand as a quick grab but I try not to over do it.  Try  Squooshi reusable pouches.

    10. Crackers

    So easy to throw in and there are so many healthy options/brands. I try to stay away from prepackaged bags but they sure do make life a whole lot easier.

    11. Apple Sauce

    Recently my kids have been on an apple sauce kick but it has been really hard to find some without loads of sugar. We have been buying the 365 Everyday Organic brand. You can find these here.

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    12. Yogurt

    I know what your thinking.. yogurt is sooo messy!! But we have a little trick that makes it totally safe to eat in the car seat. Push a straw straight through the top and you have an on the go yogurt smoothie. 

    toddler snacks on the go, healthy toddler snacks, snacks for kids, easy toddler snacks. road trip snacks, snacks for picky eaters, lunch box ideas, easy kid snacks, snacks for school, fun toddler snacks, homemade snacks, cheap snacks for kids, healthy kid snacks

    Like with all foods, you have to be careful of the sugar. We try our best to stick to whole foods but sometimes the option isn't there.  What's your favorite on the go snack? 

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    17 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

    Dad holding daughter last minute fathers day gifts

    Ever since I was little Mother's Day and Father's Day has always been a day my family celebrates. My dad or mom would cover the other one in gifts, while us kids would whip up our best breakfast dish we could think of (usually including at least half the ingredients in the cupboard) and we would spend the whole day celebrating. BUT since becoming a mom I am the queen of forgetting Holidays, Birthdays and any day that is semi important. Father's Day is no exception and I am always scrambling to find the perfect Father's Day Gift.  It's not that I am not grateful because I am, I just always tend to wait until the last minute. If your like me and you need some grab and go gift ideas, whether it be for your hubbie, your father or someone you are extremely grateful for, check out my Last Minute Gifts below. 

    *This post contains affiliate links to keep free content flowing. 

    Breakfast in Bed

    Like I said before, breakfast in bed has always been a staple to our celebrations. It seem so luxurious to sit in bed and dine.  This Father's Day were making Starbucks Copycat Vanilla Scones, my husbands favorites! Check out my recipe here

    Homemade Card

    There is nothing that says I love you more than a homemade, personalized card. If you have littles this can get messy quick and often times ends  in scribbles. I have taken the hard work for you and created an easy fill in printable! You can find it here or click on the image below to download your PDF. 

    Printable Father's day fill in card


    I always gravitate towards gifting tools. My dad is always fixing everything and my husband is an aspiring handyman. He loves new little gadgets that make life that much easier. This year we've been focusing on minimizing and decluttering. I couldn't gift him another hammer or wrench. So instead I got him a Craftsman 6 Door Tool Chest

    Camping Trip

    If you follow me, you know we love camping. It's our go to getaway when things get crazy. Plan a surprise camping trip. We have everything set up and ready to go in crates. Packing is so simple. Check out our tips and tricks here

    Monthly Dad Box

    There so many precurated boxes that keep the gift giving months after Father's day.  In the past I've used Mancrates, Daily Harvest and The Gainz Box. A quick google search will show you there is something special for each and every person  out there! 

    Hobby Gift

    Crossfit enthusiast, secret crafter, coffee connoisseur... take this as a chance to gift them with something they are truly passionate about and will get use out of! 

    DIY Mug

    Just because you didn't have time to go to a fancy studio to create an award winning mug doesn't mean you lost your chance. Grab a plain mug, whip out the sharpies and doodle away. Once done decorating bake the mug in the oven at 425 degrees for 1 hour. 

    Mix Tape 

    When was the last time you created a personalized mix tape? Ok maybe not a "tape" but create a playlist of all your favorites. Load on a file and  email them in the morning. Better yet, create a slide show of all your wonderful memories to accompany that mix tape. 

    Portable Speaker

    Along with the mix tapes, you could have everything playing on a portable speaker. We use ours all the time- camping, working out, playing outside. It's so incredibly useful! You can find one here or in the link below. 

    DIY Berry Card

    I wish I was more creative! Check out an awesome tutorial here on how to make this adorable berry card for Father's day! The tutorial by Ambitious Parenting includes simple templates and supply lists. 

    Matching Shirts

    When will there be any other opportunity to purchase and wear matching shirts? Our favorites are "The Original" and "The Remix" tee shirts. You can find them here or in the link below. 

    DIY DAD Picture

    Back when I was an extremely new mom and did everything the day before, I quickly threw together a baby photo shoot.  Using our foam blocks, similar to these here, I had Austin pose with D, A, D. He didn't move much at that age so it worked out perfectly. I even dressed him in one of my husbands baby outfits! I couldn't dig up the DAD pictures but I did manage to find one of the out takes. You get the idea.

    Baby chewing on heart for fathers day

    Toys for the Whole Family

    Gifts dad can share! Board games are always fun for all ages. I also thought of all the fun we would have with a drone or remote control car! Check out these awesome remote boats for a day at the lake! 

    Date Night

    If your kids are still little like ours, than you know that time together is truly a gift. Gift a date, a night for just the two of you.  You can see my favorite fun and easy date night ideas here


    Pressurized Growler

    A lot of our dates include hitting up breweries. When I this pressurized growler I knew my husband and dad would love it! It's unique, clever and most importantly keeps a growler of beer fresh for 2 WEEKS! That's a win in my book. You can find the Pressurized Growler here or by clicking on the link below. 

    Gift Cards

    Who doesn't love a gift card? A chance to get yourself something you truly love and are looking forward to. Check out a wonderful selection here.  Last year we painted fishing boxes for the grandpas and put a gift card for fishing gear inside! 

    Wallet/ Key Finder

    Just last night my husband lost his keys.  He had to find a ride home in the middle of the night and I had to get up bright and early to bring him back. You know what he's getting this year! Check out the Tile Slim here

    Don't forget the most important part of Father's day, spending time together. So whatever you plan to get or don't get, make a point to schedule a moment out of the day to call, text or hug your dad and tell them how much they mean to you. 

    Did you find the perfect gift and can't wait to share it? Post in the comments below! 

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    Best Summer Outdoor Toys

    This post contains affiliate links to keep free content flowing. 

    Summer is right around the corner and we have been dusting off all our favorite outdoor toys. It feels like the perfect time to get out the slides and buckets. Some of last years toys have retired and we now have room for a few new toddler things.  We replaced our baby blow up pool with a nifty new exciting one that the kids are sure to enjoy for the next few years!  Check out our favorite summer toys below.

    Toddler in a spider web swing
    Toddler in spider web swing

    Summer isn't complete without some water fun! A water table is the perfect backyard toy that can allow for a little bit of water play when it's still not warm enough. Our favorite part about a water table is that it can easily go from a water table to an indoor toy. Take it indoors and fill it with plastic pit balls. or race cars around it! 

    This was a toy that also started indoors! It was too cold when it arrived so we blew it up in the living room and let the kids fill it with pillows, stuffed animals and blankets.  When it got warm enough we dragged it out and the kids had a blast. The best part was the spout at the top that sprays out water. It's big enough for two kids and a couple friends! 

    Our Little Tikes Trampoline has provided the kids with hours of fun! We create numerous obstacle courses using it and it's the perfect pre bed activity. There are so many different ones but this one here is our favorite because it has a handle and is small enough that we know they are safe.

    Our sons favorite upgrade this year was to our Spider Web swing. It's a great toy for the whole family. I often lay on it when the kids drive me crazy. This swing is one of my top three favorite toys ever. 

    This one is on our list of dreamy backyard toys. I know that my kids would love this little house and spend hours in it. But it is also a BIG gift so we are saving it for their joint Birthday gift in August! 

    This was hands down one of our favorite gifts. Austin and Charlotte love this blow up jump house. It's easy enough to put away and big enough for Birthday parties.

    We've been through our fair share of bikes! First was a little roller to take around the house then the balance bike and finally a bike with training wheels. But one of our favorites has been this little bike here. We all love to scoot around on the Plasma car and it is great for indoors or outdoors. 

    Any car by Little Tikes has been a hit in our house. We love our Cozy SUV but Austin has had his eye out for a Cozy Truck. 

    We love gardening, we aren't that good at it but we try and our kids love to join in! Last summer we planted tomatoes and our kids loved digging holes. Along with the tools we have had a lot of fun with this version of the kids wheelbarrow.  

    With all the time we spend out doors- a table and umbrella is a must. We eat all meals outside in the summer and this little table is the perfect size. The umbrella provides them with some much needed shade. 

    What is your favorite outdoor toy for toddlers? Share in the comments below! 

    the best outdoor toys for busy toddlers
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    The Minimalist Mom: Newborn Favorites

    bob stroller, graco carrier, carseat, booster, high chair, top 10 baby essentials

    With three years behind us and two toddlers growing more and more each day, I feel like my go-to newborn favorites list is finally complete. 

    *This post contains affiliate links to keep free content flowing.

    When we had  Austin, I started with one of everything. 3 different night lights - I NEED THEM, 100 onesies (Size newborn) - I NEED THOSE TOO, 500 bottles - YUP NEED THOSE TOO. I was literally drowning in baby swag every place I looked in our house. 

    A few weeks after Austin arrived I realized how over-stocked, overwhelmed and how overly tired I was. I never knew the whirlwind of joy, fear and anxiety that I would experience when I brought him home for the very first time. It was then that I realized the countless trips that I made to the market, to Target (of course) and all the online shopping I did on Amazon  could have waited until we all got settled in. 

    When Charlotte came along, we did things differently. We loved all our gifts from our baby shower, but were they all things that we could not live without? Probably not. We could have survived with diapers, some onesies and a  few blankets

    So here is my go-to list on baby items and products that I found we used the most. They are our absolute newborn favorites, things we love so much that we couldn't live without. Do you need it all? Absolutely not. But will it make the ease of bringing a little one into the world a lot easier? YES! 


    Both my kids slept with me for at least 8 months. I thought they would go straight into the crib like every other baby/toddler that I hear about, but that wasn’t the case with us. The first time around I had a fancy bassinet and it took up too much room.  With my second, I opted to use a co-sleeper and loved every minute of it. It was cozy for the both of us and I still felt like baby was a safe distance away from me.  She couldn’t roll off the bed and she had her own area to sleep. My newborn favorite co-sleeper can be found here


    Considering that your baby will sleep the majority of his/her first few weeks, a portable rocker is a must. We moved ours all around the house depending on which room we were in. Even if she wasn’t sleeping I laid her in there for entertainment and for a much needed break from time to time. We also had a big rocker that took up much more space and had all sorts of bells and whistles on it. Our little one loved it. It you have the space I would say consider this. If you have pets or other kids, it is really nice to have them up off the ground as well. 

    Sound Machine

    Hands down favorite purchase ever and top of our newborn favorites list was our Dohm Sleep Machine.  I wrote a complete review on this product that you can read here. This is one of my favorite things ever! It is the best sleep machine around and so worth the money. My husband uses it when he works nights and has to sleep during the day. It utilizes two small fans to make a white noise sound that can be adjusted to a variety of different levels. We previously had a sleep sheep that we liked it  but the batteries always died at the worst times. You can find the Dohm here


    This one you can wait on, but it would be a great item to put on your registry, which you can create using this link Create an Amazon Baby Registry. Your baby will be by your side pretty much all the time during the first few months. It’s really nice to have this if you have a big house or will have your baby sleeping in their own room right away. We love our Motorola monitor. It has a nice big screen and allows us to have cameras in both of our kids’ rooms. 


    This is obvious, but there are so many different ones out there. We have our tried and true favorites. For diapers, we like Pampers when they are under 3 months (due to the wetness line that appears via a blue line on the front) and then Honest or Seventh Generation as they get older. As for wipes, our go-to brand was Seventh Generation. Babyganics and WaterWipes were a close second and third. 

    The two creams that I swear by Honest Balm and Butt PasteHonest Balm is a must. I used it primarily on their bottoms and faces, but found that it worked wonders for their cuts and bumps that they get along the way. For bad diaper rashes (fortunately we only experienced a few) I stick to Butt Paste. It does a good job of creating a nice thick layer between their skin and diaper, and it smells so good. 


    This could be number one on this list. There is nothing better than a big, soft muslim blanket. The uses are truly endless. I have used these to bundle baby, as a nursing cover, as a temporary baby carrier and as a diaper for baby (boy that day was a disaster). Invest in 4 - 6 quality muslim blankets and wash them a few times before using. They get softer with each wash. Our favorites can be found here


    Let’s talk baby carriers. I have so many of these! I feel as though some are best for different ages. For under 6 months, I loved my Solly Wrap and Boba. Figuring them out was a little tricky at first but practice made perfect! As baby got bigger stuffing them in a wrap became more difficult for me. I love my Ergo carrier and it is something I still use on a daily basis. We got the sports carrier because it was  super easy to keep clean. I can wear my baby or my toddler on my front or back and it’s super quick to snap on. 


    Living on a hill I have learned how the Bob separates itself from the pack of other strollers. With one baby we had a single Bob and an umbrella stroller. We loved both.  Second kid came along and we got a wonderful City Select stroller for our shower. We used it a lot when we were out and about, but quickly learned how impossible it was to push up the hill.  Then we got a hand me down double Bob. The City Select is super fast to put together and is narrow enough to go shopping with, but it doesn't turn well and isn’t easy to push for long distances. The double Bob glides along so effortlessly and is also super comfy for baby. The cons of the double Bob are its size and bulkiness.

    BONUS: Nose Frieda & Windi

    These are my favorite gifts to get people for baby showers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You want me to suck boogers out of their nose?!” Trust me, you will be thanking me when your baby is full of boogers  and can’t breathe at night or has gas and can’t sleep! You can find a cute little set of their products here

    What are you favorite baby essentials for the first few months? Let me know in the comments what your must haves for toddlers are as we have officially entered toddler world with a 1 & 3 year old.

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    How to Get Your Kids to Sleep

    Sleep and kids.

    Do these two combos ever mix? Am I the only person in the world that struggles with their kids sleeping? What is wrong with my crazy kids?

    These are the thoughts that go through my head every night when I put my kids to sleep. Austin was never a good sleeper and once he got into a good routine Charlotte showed up and threw a wrench into our schedule. We were headed nowhere fast and I had to do something to change it fast.

    Our routine prior to purchasing a Dohm, was lay in Austin’s bed as I nursed charlotte to sleep then roll her off into bed with him. It took anywhere from 1 - 2 hours. Then I would sneak out only to hear Charlotte wake once more and nurse her down again.

    sleeping baby

    Enter the Dohm.

    Talk about Heaven on Earth. This thing rocked our world, but in a good way. The first night it came in the mail I plugged it in and prepared myself for battle. I explained to Austin that being 3, he needed to be a big boy and fall asleep on his own. I stood in the hallway and watched as it wooed him into a deep sleep. He asked me to come in and kiss him once. That was it! 

    Next was Charlotte who had NEVER slept in her crib. I nursed her, rocked her and rolled her in her crib. Out cold. I snuck out of the room and waited for chaos to erupt…1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour nothing. Eventually I got bored and went to bed. Charlotte woke up once to eat and went right back to sleep in her crib, Austin didn't wake till the next morning around 8 am. 


    When I say these things are miracles I am not lying. The price of the Dohm made me hesitant to purchase them at first, but now knowing how good they work, I think about all the sleepless nights they could have saved us from! My husband works crazy hours, and is forced to sleep during the day.  He uses it to drown out all the noise the kids make when he is trying to sleep. Check out my link here to find where you can purchase your own Dohm for baby. 

    Dohm Sleep Machine

    This is not a paid post and trust me I know we (My husband & I) created this monster by snuggling and smothering our kids to death at bedtime.  I am an affiliate  and I do make a small percentage from links, enough for a cheap bottle of wine to chug when my kids go to sleep but not enough to send them to college.  All that aside, I simply LOVE this product and felt as though I needed to share it with the rest of the world and when your kids start sleeping longer you will have a little more time for yourself. Check out my post on Self Love here

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    Mom Crush Monday: My Mom

    In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to do my Mom Crush Monday on someone who inspires me on a daily basis and has been there for me since Day 1 (Literally). A woman who has managed to do it all, day in and day out. She has been a supportive and loving mom, and is someone that amazes me with her ability to balance her marriage, her family and her goals with ease.  Honestly it was an easy pick for me this week. Every day as I venture into another day of being a mom, I ask myself how can I be more like my mom.  How can I be an involved, positive role model to my kids, while being calm and collected amongst all the chaos that comes with the responsibility of raising kids. The thing that I love most about my mom is she was always present no matter what she's doing. She has grown from my mom into one of my best friends. 

    The reality of her commitment hit me when I had my own kids. I would give my life for these kids. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. Seeing them laugh brightens my day, seeing them cry crushes my world and watching them grow makes me wonder what the future holds for them. I can never thank my mom enough for all she has done for me.  She is my idol and my role model. She is everything I strive to be each and every day - brave, compassionate and of all things kind.

    I started by asking Austin what his favorite thing about Mima was and he said “playing with Mama and making handprints.” If that doesn’t speak volumes about her involvement in my life I’m not sure what does! She spends hours upon hours sitting on the floor with my kids tracing their little hands and laughing with them. She's exceeded every expectation I've ever had for my kid's grandparents. She makes me want to have more children just so I can see them laugh with her. 

    How did you and Dad meet?

    We first met when I was cheering for Castle Rock elementary school's boys basketball team. I felt so tall and uncoordinated compared to the rest of the cheerleaders. I remember one of my friends asking if I knew one of the basketball players named Andy from the school we were playing. I didn't and asked where he was sitting. Boy was I beet red when I looked over and saw such a cute boy staring back at me and watching me cheer. Talk about feeling self conscious! Well he finally got brave enough to ask me out in high school and the rest is history!

    You have managed to keep a strong marriage for close to 35 years! How do you do it and what is your secret?

    I think one of the biggest things is we really enjoy each other's company and have fun together! Sure we can annoy each other or argue over the absolute silliest things, but we are both quick to forgive and move on. We feel very blessed to have such a close knit family and now with the grand babies we are loving every moment with all the crazy fun times that are coming our way! It just seems to get better and better and we can't get enough of it!

    Looking back what makes you laugh the most about being a parent?

    Having 3 babies in 4 years makes you wonder if there was ever a sane moment in our household, but really it worked out pretty well because you guys had so much fun playing together! We had built in family entertainment! You three had us constantly giggling at your hilarious outfits you created as part of make believe. You, your sister and brother came up with the best adventures when you played in the backyard or when we went out for a walk or hike. We could always count on your dad's jokes and sense of humor when things got too serious and we all needed a laugh. It was a crazy fun time!

    Your best piece of parenting advice?

    The best days we had were when we kept a sense of humor with the three of you and didn't get bogged down with perfection or taking ourselves too seriously! We loved being parents more than anything but we were a better mom and dad when we had time just for ourselves either as a planned date night together or a few day getaway. We were very fortunate to have lots of family and friends that made this possible for us. We would get so excited to have time for just the two of us and planning our adventures away and then what did we do? We would start missing the three of you like crazy and talk about you the entire time we were gone! It was hilarious!

    What inspires you and how do you manage to stay so positive?

    I think what always kept us grounded is realizing how extremely blessed we were  with amazing family, friends and good health! We can't wait for all the crazy adventures ahead and feel very fortunate to be at this place now in our lives!

    If you could relive one single moment what would it be?

    I had always dreamed of being a mom and loved it so much! I think that first moment of holding all of you and staring down in total awe and amazement at you and feeling that sweet love is a moment like no other!

    "The only thing better than having you as a mom, is my kids having you as a grandma" (or a Mima as we like to call her). I am so incredibly thankful to be able to learn from the greatest person out there. She teaches me how to be patient each and every day.  The best part is now I get to watch my kids laugh and smile with her. We love you Mima.