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Easter Basket Favorites

Something I am super excited for this year is Easter baskets! It goes without saying that we LOVE holidays. We love to decorate and give practical gifts. It’s not the receiving that is fun, but more so the giving and the excitement of surprising someone. I love surprising my kids with fun things here and there.  We are looking forward to decorating eggs and celebrating all together this year. Find out what we will be filling our baskets with this year! 

Special Easter shirt

It has become quite the tradition to give them a special shirt to wear the day of!  We usually find one with quirky little characters for whatever they are into at the moment. This year I'm getting them cute little tractor shirts because they both love digging. You can find our favorite Easter shirt here.

Make Up and Nail Polish
Our kids love nail polish and make up. Each time we trim their nails, they ask for us to paint them too. It’s their reward for sitting patiently for a few minutes and having their nails clipped. They love any bright and fun colors.  My selection has been pretty boring to them (not to mention all the horrid ingredients) until we received the most adorable package from Prim and Pure. They have the purest of ingredients and are made of vegetables. The colors are sweet and perfect for little fingers and toes (maybe for mine too)! Best part is you can get 10% off by telling them that I sent you, just type in THISMOMLIFE at check out!  You can find their shop here.  


Yes we also are huge bow fans. Honestly it started out because my daughter had no hair but now she grabs them each morning! Austin loves bows too. This year I’m putting matching bows in their baskets. Check out our favorites here and for a code to get 10% off from my favorite 5 bow companies!  

Moon Lite

I bought this for the kids for Valentines day and it was a quick grab from Amazon. Little did I know the excitement it would bring. You hook it up to the back of your phone and songs plays while you read a book projected on the wall to the kids. It’s magical and exciting. You can get your own here. So far we have Curious George, Good Night Moon, and Uni the Unicorn.  It is the perfect activity to wind us down from a crazy day! 

Craft Supplies

I always throw in something that is extra useful. The kids LOVE to craft, so anything art related make them happy. This year we are going to work on our garden so I am going to throw in some cute pots for them to decorate. You can find the sweetest little pots and paint set here

Gardening Supplies

Along with the crafts, I am going to throw in the supplies they need for gardening. They love to copy mom & dad as we pull weeds and plant seeds, so this year they get their own seeds and gloves. Click here for some kid friendly gardening supplies. 

Rain Boots

This year we are stuffing everything into our rain boots instead of baskets! The kids have fallen in love with their London Littles and have worn them every single day. We decided to grab them the next size up for some fun summer adventures (splashing in the river all summer long!).  You can get a pair of our favorite London Little rain boots here

Now it’s your turn! Tell me the one must have Easter basket item in the comments below! 

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