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Easter Potato Stamp

Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg project?? In this household, Holidays and Art go hand in hand. It’s only natural that I give my kids a project that is far too difficult for them and they turn it into something wonderful. Keep reading to find out how we make our Easter Egg Potato Stamps.

I can’t even remember where I saw this wonderful idea to make egg stamps out of potatoes. It was so cute, creative and I thought in my head would be incredibly simple, “of course my kids can cut a potato and paint perfect little squiggly lines”.  Boy was I wrong but what they did create was even better.  In the end art is all about going outside the box and pushing your creativity.  

Don’t be fooled by how simple these look. Cutting a potato in half is a difficult task, the tutorial I had found wanted zig zag and lines cut into it but I knew right away that wasn’t going to happen. So I simplified it, I cut the potato in half and let the kids color and paint away. For an older child, I would let them expand on this project by adding detail before stamping and even after. You could turn this into eggs in a basket or an egg garland. 

Austin thought this was the best activity we had ever done. He had so much fun painting and stamping. He loved mixing the colors. Then he painted his feet and made foot prints with his eggs.  Charlotte had fun painting the entire potato and rolling it around. She liked eating the paint and then licking the paper.  I thought they did an impressive job for two crazy little toddlers. 

Overall this project ended up being pretty easy after we simplified it.  It will be fun to try this next year when they are a little older and able to create other things with the egg stamps. What is a craft you would love to see us try? Let me know in the comments below! 

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