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How to Enjoy Christmas as a Minimalist

With Christmas eve upon us and the anxiety of last minute baking and gifting setting in. I thought what better time then now to work on my minimalist lifestyle. I am so lucky that I am constantly surrounded by “things” but the clutter gets overwhelming at times. I find clearing out clutter has allowed me to be more carefree and relaxed. My home is slowly becoming one that I dream of and my husband has stepped up too and helped me with this transition.

I found that the best way to stay true to my minimalist lifestyle during the Holidays is to simply let things go. There are so many thoughts going through my mind that I often forget to truly enjoy the meaning of Christmas.  I have been blessed with the most fun loving family around. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of them every year. So this is a promise to myself to let things go and to enjoy the moments that I get with them. To remember that minimalism isn’t just about clearing out items, but also about clearing your mind. 

  • Don’t add to your “things” - My rule -One item comes in the house and three must go out! Amazon has made this incredibly easy to follow by sending me loads of boxes. You order 5 small items and get 5 large boxes? Each time I get a box I set it up in the garage and slowly fill it with Knick knacks. If you fill a box you can go online and they will print you a free slip to mail it to the closest goodwill. How easy is that?!
  • Let Routines Go - We work and work and work to get the kids on the most perfect routine and we try so hard to stick to those routines. During the holiday I have learned to let those routines slip.  Our kids want to stay up and spend time with everyone and they can’t nap because they are having too much fun in the snow. These memories won’t be here forever. Pretty soon they will be grown up. So this year we’re throwing routines out the window and adding to the memory book instead.
  • Stop Trying to do it All - Along with routines we are trying to squeeze in the maximum amount of  events and visits to friends that we can. We end up carting around cranky crying kids all the while tying to please everyone. This year the schedules are focused on the kids. If they need to rest and pop in a movie then we will do that. Having fun isn’t so fun if everyone is having a  fit. Happy kids = Happy parents! 
  • Eat Healthy, but don’t Make that the Focus - Each year I set this big ultimatum for myself. I always fail. It seems more realistic to enjoy the flavors of the Holidays, but don’t eliminate them. I am excited about this approach mostly because it means I won’t be kicking myself if I indulge in some of my favorite Holiday foods. 
  • Prep - This has been the number one way I have been able to cut back and feel more relaxed. If I plan ahead with snacks and things we may need then I spend less and we have more time for memories! Of course things don't always go as planned, but it is always better to be over prepped then under, especially with toddlers! 

I am excited to have a clearer mindset as Christmas approaches.I have already started to let things go and just simply be me. Be in the moment and with those I love. Wishing all of you a carefree and magical Holiday!

How do you plan to take on minimalism in this new year? 

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