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Mom Crush Monday: Amateur Super Mom

Being a mom isn't always glamorous (is it ever?!).  Sometimes you have to laugh at every single thing. I loved learning about this new mama and her amazing site. It's a safe zone for all things MOM.  "Strive for Happiness", something I can try to do each and every day.

 Tell me about yourself...

My name is KC and I am an overwhelmed mom. I am trying to not just survive, but enjoy motherhood while managing life with anxiety. After pulling myself out of a dark place of depression, obesity and loneliness, I found my groove in motherhood. Through positivity, self-care and a healthy(-ish) lifestyle, I was able to change my take on life... mom life in particular. Although I still struggle, I am finding that focusing on striving for happiness (rather than perfection) has allowed me to combat the monster that is anxiety, comparison and depression.

After seeing that my transformation was not only noticed by other moms but had inspired them, I found my calling. I wanted to ensure that no other mother suffered as I did. I started Amateur Super Mom not because I saw myself as a super mom, but because I realized super moms were fictional. I use the blog as a means for me to share my struggles, unite mothers in happy imperfection, and to provide the resources I found on my journey: family & coaches, grief counselors, self-care routines, family management techniques, and of course HUMOR! Finding time to laugh and seek enjoyment in simple things was a huge mindset shift that I hope to encourage in other mothers. In addition to the blog, The Amateur Super Mom Community online provides a tribe, a village of mothers to support each other through this adventure that is motherhood. We share our triumphs, seek help in struggles and find small ways to laugh and enjoy life each day. Thus provides community, resources, advice and humor for overwhelmed moms. Amateur Super Moms strive for happiness, not perfection. And my goal is to help moms reclaim their sanity, their happiness and ultimately themselves by embracing our core values. 

Your favorite blog post...

As I was developing and growing my blog, I kept pondering the idea of what it meant to be an AMATEUR super mom. One day I looked up the word amateur. It turns out that an amateur isn't a mark of inferiority. It is a designation for someone who partakes in an activity or pastime out of love, not for gain. Someone who works for something for little to no money or recognition. Sound familiar? My favorite blog post describes what it means to be an Amateur Super Mom and the changes I hope to see in our society relating to motherhood. You can find the post here

"I hope my take moves you and inspires you to help us change the face of modern motherhood to be more inclusive, less judgmental, and, well... happier!"

What is the biggest piece of advice you have received?

The best mothering advice I ever received was to take care of myself. Always doing for others, even out of love or with the best intentions, can wear us thin. We have more to give our families and friends when we take time for ourselves to recharge, rest, and care for our bodies, minds, and souls.

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

To me the most challenging part of motherhood is staying in the moment. It is so easy (especially with my anxiety) to get caught up in worrying... worrying about the past, worrying about the future. Things will always go wrong, kids will get sick, houses will get messy.... but letting go of all of the worrying can actually turn those bad moments into mere blips on your radar. You begin to see them as challenges rather than setbacks. This is easy in theory but difficult in practice. 

Funniest thing your kids have ever done?

My kids have an uncanning ability to repeat the things I say or do in the most inopportune moments. For example, my son overheard someone telling a friend at the store, "that is just bad karma." To which he replied, "yeah man... karma is a bitch." (gasp)

Top 3 mom must haves- "A sense of humor, a self-care routine and wine (in case the first two fail you)."

What is something you strive to do for yourself?

As I already said, I strive for happiness, not perfection. Thus something I have been doing more and more is to focus on mindfulness... being in the present. Which means the best thing I can do for myself is practice: practice parenting, practice self-care, practice patience, practice yoga... practice! practice! practice!

You can find out more about KC & her tribe on her blog or find her on instagram @amateursupermom.

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