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Mom Crush Monday: The Gray Ruby Diaries

I love my Mom Crush Monday series and I feel as though it has really given me a chance to meet some other amazing bloggers. Some I already knew and others I have met along the way. This next mama I just met and let me tell you her page is incredible!  I fell in love with her the minute I clicked onto her blog! Her page is full of tips, tricks and the latest trends and styles for moms. Not only is she a wonderful mom to three gorgeous little girls, but she also has style for days.  Meet Diana and her blog The Gray Ruby Diaries. 

Tell me about your blog... 

I am Diana, mom to three wild haired baby girls, and founder of I started this blogging journey about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my third daughter. I had a difficult pregnancy where I suffered from HG and depression. I found writing to be therapeutic and with it came a community of amazing moms that found a tribe through my words. I seriously pinch myself everyday that I get to do this. 

I live in Tampa, Florida in a 115 year old farmhouse with my husband and pup. I am a sweet tooth with a crazy coffee addiction and nothing makes me happier than traveling and trying new things. I homeschool my three girls and love watching them grow right in front of my eyes. Life in our house is crazy and chaotic but perfect, in the most imperfect way.

Your favorite blog post... 

This is a really hard one for me because there are so many of my posts that mean so many different things to me. I really try to put my heart to paper as much as I can. I have to say my very first real post will always hold a special place in my heart. It was scary to put all of my deepest darkest feelings out there and even scarier to think that no one would read it. You can read that post here. My birth stories come in a close second though, I love reading birth stories!

What is the best parenting advice you have ever received?

When I was pregnant with my second daughter a good friend gave me a piece of advice that I still think about today and one I share with almost every mom I know. She said "once you embrace the chaos, you can allow yourself to be happy". It sounded simple but weirdly enough I fought this idea (unintentionally of course), even after her advice. I spent many months, after my second was born, trying to keep my routine as normal as possible for my oldest and give my second everything. I had this idea in my head of what it meant to be a "good mother". Let's just say that with a 17 month old and a newborn I could barely maintain "decent mother" let alone "good mother" and that left me feeling defeated most days. It took me about 6 months to finally realize I was doing it all wrong. I was giving my kids the best I could but in the process I was miserable. This was all because of the expectations I set on myself. I had not yet learned to "embrace the chaos". It didn't come easy for me but with practice I did learn that the more I allowed our days to be imperfect and messy, the happier I was. I still give my girls the best of me but I also give myself a whole lot of grace in between. 

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

I think the hardest part of motherhood for me is the constant change. One minute you feel like you have things all figured out and then... poof... all that progress seems like a distant memory. You finally get your baby to sleep through the night and then a week later they are up every two hours. All they want to eat is avocado then all of a sudden they treat it like toxic waste.They grow and so do their needs. I find it funny that you are in a stage of life and it seems so hard you don't know how you will get through it and then the next stage comes and the last looks so easy. Thats because just as you get your bearings life throws you a curveball. Motherhood, always keeping us on our toes šŸ˜‰

"My family is obsessed with Halloween. Maybe a little too obsessed. The costumes are elaborate and the decor is out of control but we seriously have so much fun with it."

Funniest thing your kids have ever done?

wow, I am not sure I can name just one. I find myself overloading my Instagram stories because my kids are a pretty crazy bunch. I will say that my baby, Hazel, has a way of making the whole family crack up. She is a character with tons of personality for only being on this earth for 20 months.

Top 3 Mom must haves?

1. A great diaper bag that is versatile and lasts. Read about mine here. 

2. The dockatot was a lifesaver for us when it came to sleep. I write all about that experience and some tips on our routine here

3. The nosefrida - I am telling you, it might sound gross but this thing has saved me so many times! I get one for almost every new mom I know!

What is something you do (or strive to do) for yourself?

With three young kids that I homeschool I truthfully don't get a lot of me time. I have really learned to find joy in the simple moments. Sometimes its a quiet moment to enjoy my coffee in the morning or a bath with my favorite bath bomb and glass of wine at night. I really try to carve out a few minutes for myself and focus on the joy in that moment. I might not get a lot but I sure do have a lot of blessings and I use those moments to really appreciate them.

For more of The Gray Ruby Diaries...

Check out Diana's blog here or you can find her on Instagram @mrsblinks.

and check out my last weeks Mom Crush Monday, The Hustling Mama here

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