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Mom Crush Monday: Mimosa Monday Mom

Mimosa Monday Mom - If Amanda's blog name doesn't scream #mondayfeels then I'm not sure what does. This girl rocks Monday and her blog! She is a mom to a soon to be one year old and on a quest to document all her creative finds/coupon deals. She's sweet, fun and on top of it has an adorable family. 

I'm Amanda and I blog over at Mimosa Monday Mom. I'm a mom to one sweet 11 month old baby girl. I am the (future) wife of a firefighter, and we live in a VERY small town in Florida, with our Doberman pinscher… who is also my baby! My fiancé and I have plans to have 5 children.. I know - we're crazy! I started blogging back in June of 2017, when my daughter was about 3 months old. We decided I wasn't going back to work full time at my day job, and I definitely needed a creative outlet. My blog focuses on all things mom, wife, & a frugal life. As a new mom, I felt like I had so much new knowledge piling up, and I needed somewhere to put it all! I've also been asked on many occasions about my couponing methods, and when & where the deals are for things that I'm purchasing, so I use my blog as a source to share those types of things as well. 

I absolutely love blogging. It's opened so many doors for me so far, including writing my first book, "The Postpartum Party" and getting sent to Disney World this month.. just to name a few! It genuinely makes me SO happy to write, and connect with other people through my blog.

Your favorite blog post...

All of my blog posts have a lot of meaning to me, because they are always targeted at helping other new moms solve daily problems.While I love the problem solving side of my blog, I also love the deep story telling side that I occasionally wander to. My favorite post is definitely "Thank God for 3 AM Wakeups". This post focuses on how lucky we are to be waking up with our screaming babies at 3 AM. Although that sounds like a wild thought.. its so so true! You can find it here. 

What is the best piece of parenting/mothering advice you have received?

Honestly, I've never really gotten any crazy good advice as a mom yet. At least, nothing that really stood out. If I were to give any new moms any advice, though, it would be to do what's best for YOUR child and YOUR family. Don't focus so much on what everybody else is doing, or how they're doing it. 

"Everybody parents differently, and the sooner we can accept that, the sooner we can start enjoying this crazy train that is parenting!"

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

For me, the most challenging part of parenting has been the mom guilt. I endure this in all aspects of parenting. Mom guilt is when you basically blame yourself your everything, or feel guilty about being a mom. For me, this means feeling guilty about not working & providing financially, or feeling responsible every time your kid gets sick or hurt. So many moms struggle with this, and while it doesn't control my life by any means, it's always lingering in the back of my head! Although I struggle with it daily, I also overcome a little bit more, every single day!

Funniest thing your kid have ever done...

A provocative song (accidentally) came on the radio, and my, at the time, 9 month old starting breaking. it. down. Head bobbing, arms swinging, leg bouncing, the whole nine! It was HILARIOUS, and totally unexpected, because that was definitely the first time she had ever heard even a snip of rap music!

"The best part of their funny moments is definitely how unexpected it all is!"

Top 3 mom must haves:

1. SwaddleMe sleep sac, which is crucial is my sleep training methods that you can read about here.

2. Baby food pouches (best invention ever)

3. Baby carrier or sling! I use ours for EVERYTHING! You can read more about why it's a necessity here

What is something you do (or strive to do) just for yourself?

I've learned that as a mom, self care is a HUGE deal! We so often forget about ourselves, while we take care of everybody else! In one of my favorite posts about self care for the new mom, I talk all about the importance of "choosing you". Everybody has their own way of expressing self care, and for me that's a hot shower. It's the little things in life, right? That saying definitely holds true for moms, especially! I do try getting my hair done 2 times a year, but as a DAILY self care routine, I ALWAYS take a hot shower to help unwind from the day!

You can find more about Mimosa Monday Mom here and check out Amanda's Instagram @MimosaMondayMom

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    Thanks for the feature, Rosie! I just love your website, and am so happy I was able to be featured! 🙂

    February 12, 2018 at 8:55 am
    • Reply Rosie

      Thank you sweet mama! I adore your site and love to follow you <3

      February 19, 2018 at 4:30 pm

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