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Mom Crush Monday: My Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to do my Mom Crush Monday on someone who inspires me on a daily basis and has been there for me since Day 1 (Literally). A woman who has managed to do it all, day in and day out. She has been a supportive and loving mom, and is someone that amazes me with her ability to balance her marriage, her family and her goals with ease.  Honestly it was an easy pick for me this week. Every day as I venture into another day of being a mom, I ask myself how can I be more like my mom.  How can I be an involved, positive role model to my kids, while being calm and collected amongst all the chaos that comes with the responsibility of raising kids. The thing that I love most about my mom is she was always present no matter what she's doing. She has grown from my mom into one of my best friends. 

The reality of her commitment hit me when I had my own kids. I would give my life for these kids. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. Seeing them laugh brightens my day, seeing them cry crushes my world and watching them grow makes me wonder what the future holds for them. I can never thank my mom enough for all she has done for me.  She is my idol and my role model. She is everything I strive to be each and every day - brave, compassionate and of all things kind.

I started by asking Austin what his favorite thing about Mima was and he said “playing with Mama and making handprints.” If that doesn’t speak volumes about her involvement in my life I’m not sure what does! She spends hours upon hours sitting on the floor with my kids tracing their little hands and laughing with them. She's exceeded every expectation I've ever had for my kid's grandparents. She makes me want to have more children just so I can see them laugh with her. 

How did you and Dad meet?

We first met when I was cheering for Castle Rock elementary school's boys basketball team. I felt so tall and uncoordinated compared to the rest of the cheerleaders. I remember one of my friends asking if I knew one of the basketball players named Andy from the school we were playing. I didn't and asked where he was sitting. Boy was I beet red when I looked over and saw such a cute boy staring back at me and watching me cheer. Talk about feeling self conscious! Well he finally got brave enough to ask me out in high school and the rest is history!

You have managed to keep a strong marriage for close to 35 years! How do you do it and what is your secret?

I think one of the biggest things is we really enjoy each other's company and have fun together! Sure we can annoy each other or argue over the absolute silliest things, but we are both quick to forgive and move on. We feel very blessed to have such a close knit family and now with the grand babies we are loving every moment with all the crazy fun times that are coming our way! It just seems to get better and better and we can't get enough of it!

Looking back what makes you laugh the most about being a parent?

Having 3 babies in 4 years makes you wonder if there was ever a sane moment in our household, but really it worked out pretty well because you guys had so much fun playing together! We had built in family entertainment! You three had us constantly giggling at your hilarious outfits you created as part of make believe. You, your sister and brother came up with the best adventures when you played in the backyard or when we went out for a walk or hike. We could always count on your dad's jokes and sense of humor when things got too serious and we all needed a laugh. It was a crazy fun time!

Your best piece of parenting advice?

The best days we had were when we kept a sense of humor with the three of you and didn't get bogged down with perfection or taking ourselves too seriously! We loved being parents more than anything but we were a better mom and dad when we had time just for ourselves either as a planned date night together or a few day getaway. We were very fortunate to have lots of family and friends that made this possible for us. We would get so excited to have time for just the two of us and planning our adventures away and then what did we do? We would start missing the three of you like crazy and talk about you the entire time we were gone! It was hilarious!

What inspires you and how do you manage to stay so positive?

I think what always kept us grounded is realizing how extremely blessed we were  with amazing family, friends and good health! We can't wait for all the crazy adventures ahead and feel very fortunate to be at this place now in our lives!

If you could relive one single moment what would it be?

I had always dreamed of being a mom and loved it so much! I think that first moment of holding all of you and staring down in total awe and amazement at you and feeling that sweet love is a moment like no other!

"The only thing better than having you as a mom, is my kids having you as a grandma" (or a Mima as we like to call her). I am so incredibly thankful to be able to learn from the greatest person out there. She teaches me how to be patient each and every day.  The best part is now I get to watch my kids laugh and smile with her. We love you Mima. 

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