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Mom Crush Monday: The Hustling Mama

I am so excited to introduce you to my new Monday series, Mom Crush Monday! I am very passionate about being a mom and a blogger. My two favorite things! So I decided to showcase some of my other favorite mom bloggers to find out what they've been up to!

My first mom crush blogs over at The Hustling Mama.  She contacted me one day after we had been instagramming back and fourth to point out that we had the same name, Rosie. It's a rare name so to find someone with it was pretty cool. Next thing I knew we had discovered both our sons were named Austin and our daughters had the same leggings! If that doesn’t make you believe in twin power I’m not sure what would.  She is a fun, exciting, wonderful mama and I look forward to her adventurous posts daily. 

Tell me about your blog…

Life was treating me and my family really well back in Texas until Baba decided to make things a little more interesting. He accepted admission to a 2 year graduate program across the country, which meant we had 6 months to pack up our spacious home in Texas, find a tiny apartment in downtown Los Angeles, and bid our families and friends goodbye. 

With Baba being a full time MBA student, I unfortunately had to carry all the daily responsibilities and operate like a pseudo-single parent. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I created the blog The Hustling Mama as a way to keep family and friends back at home up to date with our LA adventures. Little did I know people outside that group would find our stories entertaining and would follow along. Today, The Hustling Mama blog continues to share creative and unconventional kid activities (#TadaCooking #TadaKidsDiscoverArt for example), but it also includes my personal journey of how I went from a momblogger, to an influencer, and then a stage mom all within this past year. Don't be surprised if you also come across posts sharing the kids' crazy and unexpected adventures as they live their best life in Los Angeles. After Austin's BuzzFeed video, I decided they were taking over my Instagram and gave them their own account called @TheHustlingKids. 

Your favorite blog post… 

My favorite (more like most memorable) blog post was written back in October last year when my daughter Callie was being bullied at school. I was heartbroken, confused, and honestly wasn’t sure what the best way to handle the situation as a parent. It was a vulnerable side of me that’s never been exposed to my readers. Through IG and my blog, I received so much support, words of encouragement, and advice with how to handle the situation. My readers/followers would even share their own bully situation, both with their child and when they themselves were a child. It was amazing to know that I wasn’t alone in this unfortunate situation and that so many people genuinely cared for Callie and for my whole family.  Post can be found here

"It was through this post that I realized my blog community has grown beyond just readers and followers.  It has become my village.”

What is the best parenting advice you have ever received?

Always have some comfort food in your fridge. You'll need it most for those days when you're having an emotional break down!

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?

Waking up lol. Seriously though, the most challenging part of motherhood for me is feeling unappreciated for all my "invisible labor" that comes with being a mother. It's different when you're at work because normally you're rewarded with promotions and/or raises. When you're a stay-at-home-mom, your work virtually goes unnoticed and you can't help but feel unappreciated at times. I never realized it, but I often need verbal recognition for all the momming I do around the house. Hearing nice things once a year on Mother's Day just ain't cutting it!

Funniest thing your kids have ever done?

If I'm fake sleeping (hoping they'll go away), they'll start pinching my belly, back fat, arms, etc and say "thick and meaty" over and over again until I cave in

Top 3 Mom must haves?

Girl Scout Cookies (aka my reward snack), phone charger (because I'm forever at 4% battery life), and Netflix subscription (because it's the only thing to look forward to while I wash the dishes around midnight)

What is something you do (or strive to do) for yourself?

When I first started my blog, I thought it was for family and friends to keep up with our daily shennanigans in Los Angeles. I later realized I was blogging for myself. By capturing all these memories and archiving them on the blog, it was like I was giving myself recognition as a hard working mother. As if seeing it all in one place would help me realize my impact and provide validation for all the sacrifices I've made.

"By capturing all these memories and archiving them on the blog, it was like I was giving myself recognition as a hard working mother."

Social Media accounts we must follow…

My favorite social media accounts are @theellenshow (because duh, it's Ellen!), @StudioDIY (cutest crafts), and @catandnat (because I not-so-secretly want to be their third wheel in all of their mom-truth videos).

For more of The Hustling Mama's journey...

Check out the fun hashtag projects I created that's getting a lot of attention! #TadaKidsDiscoverArt #TadaCooking #TheHustlingMamaFamilyPortraits #TheHustlingMamaSelfCareJourney. Also, the kids finally have their own Instagram account where they can be extra all they want! You can follow them and their sass @TheHustlingKids.

Happy Blogiversary The Hustling Mama! We look forward to watching what 2018 has in store for you!

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