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Our Favorite BOWS

If you’re friends with me on Instagram or have seen any of my posts, it's easy to see that we love bows!  My sweet little girl has yet to grow any hair so instead of throwing a wig on her we resort to bows. And I’m talking bows on bows on bows. It has gotten to the point that she wakes up in the morning and cries till I put a bow on her. She obviously loves them as much as we do! Since we have become bow experts I thought I would share my favorite Bow Companies with you!

The most important things I look for when purchasing a bow is its’ stretchy power. She isn’t an infant and most bow bands are made to fit infant-sized heads. Charlotte needs a good band that isn’t going to be too tight or dig into her head. All the bows on my top favorite list have bands that are made from nylon material and have max stretch power! The second thing I look for is damage power. The bow has to be able to be stepped on, chewed on, pulled and yanked and still look new. I have gone through so many bows that just fall apart.  I don’t mind retying them but some have crazy stitching and there is no fixing them once they get destroyed. I also like that I can throw some in the washer. See our list of our top 5 favorite bow companies below. 

The Darling Bow Company This lady knows how to do business. She is kind and sweet! She is a mom, science teacher and a small shop owner.  She sent her son off to college and the following year her twin daughters left for college too, which left her with an empty nest and time to create her Etsy shop, The Darling Bow Co. She creates hand made hair bows, headbands and blankets. My favorite from her collection are her mini hand tied suede bows.  They are delicate, dainty and durable. I love them! You can find The Darling Bow Company on Etsy and Instagram! 

Visit her Etsy shop here.  Use code “10thismomlife” for 10% off.

Minted Tulip This company is owned by Cara, a sweet mom who has 2 adorable daughters. She started making bows as a creative outlet and the business took off. I found this company when a dear friend of mine was struggling with life and motherhood so I decided to order her girls something special. They love unicorns and mermaids. I found Cara’s gorgeous leather unicorn bows on Etsy and couldn’t resist. I have continued to be a loyal fan of hers and order bows for every occasion. You can find her leather bows in our family photos throughout my posts and you can find Minted Tulip here. Use code “10thismomlife” for 10% off. 

Vanaguelite I first found out about this company on Amazon. I wanted to get Charlotte some new bows for Christmas and I was ordering things last minute. I loved her tiny bows. They go with a lot of her outfits and they are very soft! I constantly get asked around town where I get her Vanaguelite bows and I know just where to send people now that they are on Amazon.  You can order directly from their site here and if you mention “10thismomlife” they will include a discount! 

Lola & Louise Firs of all, how cute is that name? This is the newest company that I have become obsessed with.  Emily has a 20 month old daughter, with another baby girl on the way in March. She started her business after she too realized she was buying bows left and right, just like me. When I received her bows I was blown away by their cuteness and how perfectly they fit Charlotte's head.  You can find her Etsy shop here and don't forget to use code “10thismomlife” for 10% off.

Tribe design handmade This next shop has one of the most beautiful handmade items made by a sweet mom named Brittany! She specializes in beautiful bows that are made with love and her goal is to create styles and pieces for every little one out there.  She started this business so her girls could have a bow to match every outfit. With her being the shop owner she is able to accomplish that. She looks forward to sharing this happiness and love with other moms and their babes!  You can find her shop here and when ordering don’t forget to mention “thismomlife” to receive a discount! 

Be sure to check out our top 5 favorite companies and follow us on instagram @thismomlife_ to see Charlotte in some of her favorites! Our next craft to try, bow making. What is your favorite accessory? 

(Besides of course your cute babe!)

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