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Our Thanksgiving

The Holidays are so incredibly special to us and our families.  For us it’s about being together and making memories with one another. It’s so easy to get stressed out and forget the magic of the season. This is a list of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, and the ones that we want to remember every year. 

  • Give Back  There are so many incredible ways to give back. We decided  to have a yearly garage sale and donate all the money. It is the perfect opportunity to clean out and to give. This year we went big with our Garage Sale to benefit Sonoma County Fire Victims. You can find my post on it here
  • Come Together  We aren’t super into watching sports but more about doing them! We love to stay active. So we have decided to have a yearly football game. As the kids grow it would be fun to attend a Thanksgiving run. There are so many marathons in our local area and it would be an amazing bonding experience for our whole family. 
  • Express Gratitude  In this family we craft, we DIY and we get super messy! I make it a point to craft every holiday and have the kids make special gifts.  We have found that by doing crafts it give us time as a family to reflect on who and what we are thankful for. For toddlers, this can be SO hard but while we work on our projects we talk about what they mean and why we need these types of traditions in our lives. Check out our DIY Thanksgiving wreath and our Leaf Prints
  • Family Time  There is truly nothing more special than family time. We love to go on leaf hunts. It has quickly become a favorite of ours! As the weather gets colder and our nights get darker, it is harder to come up with fun things to do! The kids are tired, its dark out and its not quite bed time yet. We love to pull out all the pillows and make a giant bed fort, grab out the pop corn and then turn on our favorite movie. Currently, we love Cars 3, Sing and Boss Baby. Although I think we need to throw A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving into the mix. 
  • Gobble Gobble  I like to include everyone in the decision making for Thanksgiving dinner and treats. Although it’s difficult to accept tiny little helping hands that create more of a mess, it’s important for us to make those memories with them. I want my kids to help with cooking and cleaning and to know what hard work goes into creating these beautiful Holiday meals. I also hope this will help them appreciate the food in front of them.  Check out our Pumpkin Protein Balls recipe!

Serving others is also something I strongly believe in. I have been searching for somewhere for us to volunteer as a family. This year we are hoping to volunteer at one of the local churches but as they get older I hope to help serve our community in a bigger way. 

These traditions are part of what make Holidays so incredibly special to us. We are blessed. We have a roof over our heads, more food then we will ever need and family that constantly supports us. I want my kids to always remember to celebrate all that we have and to give back to those that haven’t been so blessed.

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  • Reply Melanie Studer

    These are all great ideas! Savor these moments with your littles!

    November 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm
    • Reply Rosie

      Thank you! I will <3

      November 21, 2017 at 3:07 pm

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