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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

I love Wednesdays! It has become our day for new adventures. Today Eric didn’t work, Austin didn’t have school and there wasn’t a single thing we HAD to do. We decided to become tourists in our favorite town. 

It didn’t even cross my mind that it was the end of September and the Boardwalk would be closed for the Winter. But our kids could have cared less. At 3 and 1, anything and everything is an adventure. So threw on our favorite pack (similar can be found here ) and we walked along the Boardwalk and looked at all the rides. Austin made sure to point out every ride and rollercoaster that he wanted to go on. It’s hard to imagine the day when he is big enough to ride the Giant Dipper. We loved every minute of our adventure today. With two kids we often feel like a traveling circus but thanks to our City Select double stroller, we were able to contain our circus.

I have to say I LOVE the boardwalk when it’s closed. It is beautiful and there aren’t people running every which way. It was quiet and deserted. It would be such a fun place to visit in the super early morning when the fog is just rolling in.

Best part of todays adventure - watching Charlotte walk! She has become so brave and eager to show us what she can do. Austin is the best brother and is always by her side to catch her falls and pick her up. Hands down best decision ever was giving him the chance to become a brother. He has exceeded our expectations of what things would be like with two! 

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