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Strawberry Fields

Our goal was to find a new adventure that didn’t break the bank AND to pack lot’s of snacks to avoid pitstops along the way (i.e. Starbucks, Whole Foods, etc.)

Anyone else in the habit of loading up for an adventure only to stop 20 minutes later. “Mama my belly hungry see” I hear from the back seat. We get back on the road and realize we forgot water, sunscreen, more snacks, shoes.. and lord knows what else. This was us. Every single time we set out to go somewhere we would stop 2 – 3 times, spend more then we needed in time and money, then show up cranky, tired and ready to go home. So our goal – MORE adventures, LESS money.

I prepared for strawberry picking the night before – snacks, sunscreen, and outfits all ready to go! 10 minutes in we look back and Austin is starting to crash. NOPE not happening on this adventure. Louder music and obnoxious signing from mom and dad wasn’t enough to keep his eyes open, and of the course the snacks I packed weren’t up to his standards. So what do we do? Stop for a quick coffee and a treat for Austin to keep him up (not starting off on the right foot I know).Back on the road and we arrived 30 minutes later. It only took 10 cycles of “The wheels on the bus” and a croissant to keep him awake.


We all jumped out of the car, full on our snacks and ready for an adventure and what an adventure we had! In the middle of picking strawberries I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the view and the simplicity of watching the kids pick berries for the first time. The ocean was to the right of us and fields to the left. Austin ran up and down the rows shoving berries in his mouth until his face, hands and clothes were covered in red juice. Even our sweet Charlotte smashed a few berries and licked her stained red fingers.

After berry picking we headed into the most adorable little shop. They had everything from strawberry jam to strawberry chili. We paid for our little crate of berries and took a quick look around. Then we loaded back in and enjoyed our beautiful ocean drive back home. The best part of it all? The kids slept the entire way home and are still crashed out on me as I write this blog. This is a WIN in my book!


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